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  • Tabitha
    Massage Therapist

    Tabitha moved to Colorado 14 years ago from Louisiana. She obtained her training from the Denver School of Massage Therapy. With her background in nursing, she worked at a physical rehab center. Tabitha has an understanding and a passion for helping the body to heal. With twenty-two modalities, she specializes in fascia release, injury, and recovery.

    Book with Tabitha for the following massage appointment types.

    • Now Offering CBD Oil Massages! ( $10 upgrade )
    • Full Body Stretch Program
    • Finesse massage (fascia release)
    • Myofascial Acupressure Cupping Reflexology
    • Stretch Deep tissue
    • TMJ
    • Prenatal massage
  • Wynter
    Massage Therapist

    Wynter began their journey with massage therapy in 2014 when they finally decided to treat an old back injury. After years of living with low back pain and discomfort, they decided that enough was enough and made an appointment with Dr. Wilson. They had never been to a chiropractor before and didn’t know what to expect or if he would be able to help. Dr. Wilson put them on a treatment plan that included regular massage therapy. Prior to this treatment, Wynter only thought of massage as a relaxing luxury.

    As Wynter moved through their treatment plan, they saw how valuable massage and bodywork was to their overall well being and took an interest in bodywork and holistic health. A few years later, they were in need of a career change and wanted to do something that would be more fulfilling. Massage therapy was at the top of the list. They found the Healing Spirits Massage Training Program in Boulder, Colorado to be a perfect fit and graduated in 2018.

    Wynter loves massage therapy because it has a direct and positive impact on one's overall health. They also love assisting others along their own unique journey toward better health and well-being. Wynter thinks it is wonderful to be back at Dr. Wilson's office as a licensed massage therapist! 

    • Deep tissue massage
    • Trigger point therapy
    • Trauma-informed massage
    • Muscle Energy Technique 
    • Shiatsu


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  • "I have completed ten weeks of treatment and am happy to report I am able to be pain free."
    Samuel J Gallegos - Westminster, CO